Dode Sescri

Let me tell you a story, it goes like this… "Once upon a time there lived a rat and a cat, they were very good friends, they lived happily in their wooden shack, they shared everything between themselves, when one of them got some food, he would share it with the other. One day the rat did something very bad, he annoyed the cat who then out of rage slapped him very hard, the rat was seriously injured by the blow and then died. That’s the end of my story…" Yarn spinning is a skill that is deeply ingrained in our blood, we are descended from a long line of great story tellers, there is no story we don’t know how to tell, we always find time to amaze our audiences with great tales, both the contemporary and the legends of the old... My old time friends Jiji and Kaki are the two fellows that have greatly influenced my writing and life at large, when you hear them speak you are led to think they know everything, Jiji was very good at debates, I don’t remember a single day when he lost a contest. Kaki on the other hand was a great story teller, I don’t know where he got his stories from, we simply enjoyed them, we never cared about his sources either, he had lots of them too. One thing I loved about this little fellow was that I never got bored around him. He would flood your ears with thousands of stories at a time and there is no single moment when he will tell you the same story twice. Jiji was somehow a fanatic. When there is a discussion then individuals get stuck at a point where nobody has any further information, all are ignorant, that’s when he jumps onto the dance floor, claiming he knows it all, I have never met anyone who loved arguments more than Jiji, even a simple discussion he would turn it into an argument. He had a strange way of convincing people to believe his claims, even though you had with you solid facts that proved him otherwise, you still couldn’t beat him...

Living Life on The Fast Lane

Whether your a moving fast or slow, you should be satisfied with the fact that you are living your life at your own phase.  never ever compare yourself with others because you never know what others went through to be where they are now.