October 4, 2022


Fascinating Talks of the Planet

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- Tracy Wilkinson
Blinken kicks off effort to court leftist Latin American leaders on swing through Colombia

Secretary of State Antony J. Blinken began his South American mission in Bogota, Colombia, before he heads to Santiago, Chile, and Lima, Peru.

- David G. Savage
Supreme Court hears lively debate on protecting wetlands, led in part by Justice Jackson

First day of new Supreme Court term features a clash between environmental protection and property rights, joined by new Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson.

The Times podcast: The sketchy test sending moms to prison

There's this 400-year-old forensic test that scientists have long warned is unreliable when it comes to determining whether a baby was born dead or alive. So why is it still being used in many parts of Latin America?

- Rick Wilber
What my son with Down syndrome taught me about baseball — and life

My son is 53. He's a baseball fan. He has Down syndrome. To him, baseball is more than a game.

- Tracy Wilkinson
Garcetti deputy being named to high-level U.S. diplomatic post, sources say

Nina Hachigian will be the country's first special representative for subnational diplomacy, linking local governments to national foreign policy.

- Erik Kirschbaum
'I've given up on all my dreams': Dread in Germany deepens over war in Ukraine

Surging inflation and fears about an energy crisis from Russia's ongoing war in Ukraine are taking a toll on the finances — and psyches — of Germans.

- Mark Z. Barabak
Column: Here's why the House is likely to flip while the Senate remains up in the air

Republicans need just five more seats to take control of the House. The battle for the Senate could go into overtime.

- Andrea Castillo
'Blacklisted' Afghan interpreters were disqualified from U.S. visas. Now they're in hiding

The U.S. exit left thousands of Afghans in danger who say they were "blacklisted" and ineligible for visas despite having aided the United States.

- Doyle McManus
Column: Putin's threat of a nuclear strike on Ukraine may not be a bluff. What do we do now?

Russia's Vladimir Putin is threatening to use nuclear weapons in his war on Ukraine. The U.S. response need not be nuclear in return.

- Christopher S. Tang
Op-Ed: The quandary of U.S.-trained Chinese scientists: Stay or leave?

Fourteen hundred U.S.-trained Chinese scientists left their corporate positions or relinquished tenured positions at top-tier American universities in 2021.

- Kate Linthicum
'The police come here to hunt': Brazilian cops kill at 9 times the rate of U.S. law enforcement

The steep rise in police violence has been celebrated by President Jair Bolsonaro, who has pushed for laws that would provide immunity for officers who commit homicide in the line of duty.

- Eli Stokols, Laura King
Putin's annexations in Ukraine trigger new sanctions, Western condemnation

U.S. and allies issue new sanctions against Russia and warn other countries not to support the Kremlin's illegal annexation of Ukrainian territory.

Here's the story behind the rise, fall, and rise again of Brazil's presidential hopeful Lula

Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva was a wildly popular president in Brazil, then went to prison on corruption charges. Now he's on the brink of an improbable comeback.

- Jackie Calmes
Calmes: Tell-all Trumpists —  you should have come clean long ago

Books by former Trump officials are filling in the details about the most dangerous presidency in U.S. history. Too bad they took this long.

- Jon Healey
Biden administration scales back eligibility for student loan forgiveness. Here's who's affected

The Biden administration updated its guidance Thursday about which loans would be eligible for up to $20,000 in forgiveness, closing the door to some borrowers.

- Jon Healey
Scammers have seized on student loan forgiveness. Here's how to avoid them

Just say no to anyone offering to help you obtain the $10,000 to $20,000 in student loan debt forgiveness. You don't need them.

- Freddy Brewster
Why is the Senate race between J.D. Vance and Tim Ryan in red state Ohio so close?

You might think that J.D. Vance, the GOP venture capitalist and author Trump endorsed in the U.S. Senate race in Ohio, would be well ahead of Rep. Tim Ryan, his Democratic opponent. But polls show the race is tight.

- Nicole Kagan
Column One: I recovered from COVID but my nose didn't. Here's how I cope

With the COVID pandemic, anosmia, the loss of smell, has gone from an obscure symptom to an intensely studied one. Living with it makes clear how much we depend on our noses.

- David G. Savage
Here are the major cases before the Supreme Court this fall

Court's conservatives turn their focus to race, affirmative action and voting rights.

- David G. Savage
Joined by first Black woman on Supreme Court, justices to tackle affirmative action, voting rights

Supreme Court opens a historic term with challenges to past liberal rulings on race, affirmative action, voting rights -- and its first Black female justice.

- Kevin Rector, Ruben Vives
In case out of Grants Pass, Ore., court reaffirms right of homeless to sleep outside

The U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals expanded protections for homeless people sleeping outdoors in a decision with ramifications for other cities, including L.A.

- Carlos De Loera
Judge denies Bill Cosby a new trial in sexual-assault civil lawsuit

Bill Cosby didn't prove a June civil trial was unfair, a judge says in denying a retrial request. A jury found Cosby liable for a 1975 sexual assault.

- Times Photography Staff
Photos: Damage and destruction from Hurricane Ian

Hurricane Ian made landfall in southwest Florida on Wednesday as a catastrophic Category 4 storm.

- Corinne Purtill
This COVID-19 tracker changed how we saw the pandemic. Its creator fears it won't be useful much longer

The creator of the Johns Hopkins COVID-19 dashboard has won the Lasker-Bloomberg Public Service Award for changing the way we view the pandemic.

- Mark Z. Barabak
Column: Trump isn't on the ballot. But you can thank him for high voter turnout, again

As polarizer in chief, former President Trump has made voting seem more vital than ever.