May 19, 2022


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- Steve Marble
Urvashi Vaid, pioneering LGBTQ activist and author, dies at 63

Urvashi Vaid dies; led the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force during the AIDS crisis

- Stephanie Yang
Laguna Woods shooting highlights growing tensions between Taiwan and China

The suspect in the shooting at a Laguna Woods church is believed to have been driven in part by the political belief that Taiwan is a part of China.

- Anita Chabria
Vancouver's safe drug-use sites are wrenching to see. California should open them anyway

For years, this Canadian city has hosted safe consumption sites for addicts. They've saved lives, but with some painful tradeoffs.

Podcast: How California popularized the 'Great Replacement'

How the racist conspiracy has some roots right here in the Golden State of the 1990s.

- Patrick J. McDonnell, David Pierson, Tracy Wilkinson
U.S. to offer Sweden security guarantees as war in Ukraine enters a new phase

As the war enters 'protracted phase,' Ukrainian troops captured in Mariupol face interrogation while a Russian soldier pleads guilty to war crime.

- Ruben Vives
An old refrigerator becomes a vital gathering spot after mass shooting in Buffalo

In the wake of Saturday's shooting massacre in Buffalo, a refrigerator on a street corner becomes a gathering point to grieve, donate and collect groceries.

- Anumita Kaur
Spot a UFO? The Pentagon wants to know

The federal agency wants to remove the stigma around the reporting of unidentified flying object sightings so that it can better investigate them.

- Tracy Wilkinson
Will the fall of Mariupol change the course of Ukraine war?

Russia scores its first major win with the takeover of the Ukrainian port city of Mariupol. But will it change the course of the war?

- Courtney Subramanian, Nolan D. McCaskill
Biden condemns Buffalo mass shooting as 'terrorism' and white supremacy as 'a poison'

President Biden go to Buffalo to meet the families of victims killed in what police described as a racially motivated shooting. Ten people died in the carnage.

- Patrick J. McDonnell, Nabih Bulos
Ukraine relinquishes Mariupol as Russia attacks both east and west

After months of a devastating siege, the city of Mariupol is now in Russian hands as Moscow's forces concentrate their attacks elsewhere.

Tijuana can seem like two cities at the same time — and it's never more evident than in its relationship with culture and cartels.

- Arit John
Pennsylvania governor's race could have outsize impact on abortion access

With its gubernatorial primary set for Tuesday, Pennsylvania is one of a handful of states where a new governor could protect or drastically restrict abortion access.

- Laura King
'They belong here': Ukrainian nuns take in dozens displaced by war

In a tranquil Ukrainian monastery, dozens driven from homes by war find refuge. The nuns say they will offer shelter as long as it's needed.

- Ruben Vives, Nolan D. McCaskill
Before the shooting, Buffalo's East Side long faced racism and discrimination

Residents cite how the neighborhood was left behind as other parts of the city thrived.

- Patrick J. McDonnell
Ending weeks of standoff, Russia takes Mariupol but sees setbacks elsewhere

Moscow is scrambling to adjust to a new security picture in Europe brought about by its invasion of Ukraine, where fighting is ravaging the east.

- Nolan D. McCaskill
Black residents want Biden to call out racism and white supremacy in Buffalo visit

The White House says President Biden will "grieve with the community that lost 10 lives." But the community wants more from the president.

- Sarah D. Wire
Deal reached with FDA to reopen Michigan infant formula plant

The plant could reopen within two weeks once the consent decree is approved. Product would be on the shelves in six to eight weeks after.

- Gustavo Arellano
Column: I'm part of the 'great replacement.' It's not what believers say it is

A fringe far-right theory seems to be gaining traction, but you don't have to dig deep to see its lies.

- Nicholas K. Geranios
Randy Weaver, antigovernment figure who held off FBI at Ruby Ridge, dies

Randy Weaver dies at 74. He became a hero to antigovernment extremists after the Ruby Ridge standoff.

- Emily Baumgaertner, Kurtis Lee
U.S. reaches 1 million COVID deaths — and the virus isn't done with us

The milestone is an indelible reminder of the awful toll that the disease has taken and continues to take.

- Melissa Healy
With old-school technology, can Novavax win over COVID vaccine skeptics?

Newfangled COVID-19 vaccines have left many people yearning for an old-school alternative. The one from Novavax could fit that bill.

- Mark Z. Barabak
Column: Fight or find common ground? Oregon race a referendum on the direction of Democrats

Rep. Kurt Schrader faces a strong primary challenge after repeatedly breaking with fellow Democrats.

How Texas has made it nearly impossible for low-income women to get an abortion. And how other states want to copy that.

- Kevin Rector
Hearing threat to Roe vs. Wade, I thought of my gay marriage — and Jim Obergefell's fight

Like LGBTQ people nationwide, I can't help but worry that the legal logic that might topple Roe will be used against my marriage.

- Michael Hunt
How a former King helped build Putin's hockey dream, then expedited Finnish team's escape

After Vladimir Putin's invasion of Ukraine, the Finnish hockey team Jokerit, with manager Jari Kurri, escape Russian control and try to win back fans.