The Beauty of Languages


All languages are beautiful for those that speak them and those that don’t understand, it’s  just like listening to another pair of gibberish parrots, there is no single person who can speak all the languages. That if it was possible would drive any human mad if they make it halfway, or even a quarter, the diversity of languages is what makes our world  more exciting and more beautiful, it gives each person a sense of identity and a group to belong to, it gives each individual a unique view of life, when a village chief is asked by an explorer, “which language do you speak sire?” In reply he says, “I speak the language of the trees,” “uh! What language is that?” if the explorer were to ask again, a translator then intervenes to explain to the explorer what the chief actually meant when he said he spoke the language of the trees, he’s referring to the tribal languages in the jungle, those in the tropical rainforest, he understands most of them.

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