The Roman Cultures of Today

Modern day beach goers think they have invented a new way of having fun, they always think of spending some of their limited time on a fulfilling holiday as there is often time to put off work for a little while and enjoy oneself, let’s see how the Romans of the old did luxury, they are known to put up parties on an epic scale. Partying is for all nations and cultures the only difference is that each community or individual group has its own way of doing it, the fundamental elements, the time and settings of the celebrations, the number of guests to be invited, all these were uniquely undertaken. Though the Romans never had the chance of reaching the oceans to sunbathe on the beaches, they had their megacity baths from which they found all comfort they needed, the waters of the Mediterranean were treacherous, continually battered by violent storms, steep cliffs and rocky harbors made swimming across unthinkable, let alone doing it for pleasure.

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