A full List of Books in the Series ”Words To Elate”

Show me Some Lab Ethos

  My son was once called a bright boy, our neighbors  told me he is destined for greatness, now he has turned into an evil genius doing things I never imagined he could possibly do, his scientific experiments terrify me, last week I went to the countryside to visit my mother only to come back …

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So You Still Do That?

Once someone gets started with their plan or duty, they often move on smoothly at first, a time often comes midway when they begin to see the full scale of the responsibility that lays ahead, and feel the full weight of their duties then begin to think otherwise, they slow down and start contemplating second …

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The Laments of a Lumberjack

A lumberjack sits outside his log cabin, full of grief and resentment he weeps bitterly, he laments the loss of his recently wed beauty queen who walked out a few days ago and left him in the woods, the vivid memory of that day fills his heart with bitterness, he knows not what to say …

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Where is My Inkpot?

…Big Valchi suddenly has something in mind that he thinks he should get down onto paper, he scrambles for a scratchpad, unfortunately he finds none, what’s available on sight is only a tattered old piece of scroll turned brown from aging, he finds a pen, he scribbles a few words with it, when it quickly …

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