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How much time do you spend reading a day. How many excellent quality books have you got on your shelves? are you the bookworm that everybody else in town envies all year round or are you just another folk who constantly says, “I am not the reading Type.” It’s a proud thing to call Oneself a reader. Reading is more than just enjoyment. its all enriching, Inspiring, Comforting, educating, and much more. The Best things of the World are hidden in Books. If you haven’t read anything then it means that you practically know nothing about this world.

I am the the biggest book collector in the World, my books collection is bigger than the library of Congress, if my books were to be piled up on top of one another, they would stand up tall, the stack would be so tall, taller than the height of Mount Everest. it will reach all the way to the moon. so you see fellows, I have read a lot of books, I mean lots of them, I read a few dozen titles a week, Many more in a month, there is no sign of stopping in site,

As it is said that life itself is like a written book, with the adventures, upheavals, trials and tribulations, Joys and Sorrows, Victories and Defeats, all of this appear to be pre-planned right from birth, when one first takes their firsts breadth, the infants then begin to  look far into the future, and fathom what life has in store for them.

A short while ago books were the only source of entertainment we had in our societies, a way of passing time through the long never ending days of our wretched human lives. You could gleam into the pages of a book and there you will find all the entertainment, all the moral guidance, all the educative information you could ever need. when people were bored to death, they could read anything that was available to them, even jargon filled and boring books became quite entertaining at this time of great boredom.

Then came this modern technology, with its disruptions and its new challenges it has brought to the society. A huge chunk of the learning process has shifted away from the use of paper to Digital display screens. Personal Computers, Tablets and Smartphones. People no longer need Printed material as much, but instead spend the whole day interacting with a display screen. Books, Magazines, Newspapers all have moved to the Digital Realm. Offices have become cleaner, trees are glad that the digital revolution has saved them from the paper making companies.  They no longer have to endure the gruesome axes and chainsaws of loggers.

Despite all these, the Digital revolution has not killed the Print World. With the help of modern technology, Books are being printed numerous times more than ever. In fact its the technology itself that’s helping the Print Publishing stay alive. Even though many titles have been digitized, many more are still published in print. So lets go onto our online Library catalog and do some serious reading…


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