Poetry Never Dies

Poetry is the Food for the soul, mind body and spirit. it brings people into the great nostalgia that we have been up to all these years in our lives. if you ever try to mitigate such a mystery, then you better be prepared to face the information overload that comes with it.

Great Poet of Spain

Spanish novelist and short story writer La regenta La regenta [The Judge’s or Magistrate’s Wife] is the principal novel by Leopoldo Alas (also known as ‘‘Cları´n’’), himself one of the major authors and critics of late-nineteenth-century Spanish prose. Ana Ozores, the regenta of the title, is a desperately bored and sexually frustrated married woman living …

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Early Tunisian Deviances

Eroticism in Tunisian literature—indeed, in Maghrebian literature in general—can be traced back to Mouhammad al-Nafzaˆwıˆ in the fifteenth century, around the time of the Tunisian founder of modern sociology, Ibn Khaldun (b. 1332) and of Chaucer in England. Al-Nafzaˆwıˆ’s work is entitled La Prairie parfume´e ou` s’e´battent les plaisirs [The Perfumed Garden], composed between 1410 …

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Early Algerian Deviances

Different ethnicities, religions, and cultures have shaped Algeria since antiquity. This has deeply influenced the interaction between sexes, and as a consequence, writings about them. According to Rachid Boudjedra, ‘‘there are very strong pagan residues’’ in present-day Algeria. The polemic of eroticism versus religion is nothing new: The Berbers rebelled time after time against what …

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