Poetry Never Dies

Poetry is the Food for the soul, mind body and spirit. it brings people into the great nostalgia that we have been up to all these years in our lives. if you ever try to mitigate such a mystery, then you better be prepared to face the information overload that comes with it.

Finding Her Way

  Series Name:  Wildflowers Authored By:  Leah Banicki Writer’s Website: Synopsis In 1848, women can expect a few bumps along the Oregon Trail. Corinne Temple, age seventeen, has a few ridiculous challenges to face outside the river crossings, snakes, Indians, accidental gunshots and finding enough privacy to be clean along the grimy trail. When …

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Dragon His Heels

  Series Name:  Taming the Dragon Authored By:  Tami Lund Writer’s Website: Synopsis Gabriel Wilde is a reluctant dragon leader and now, a reluctant dad. Since he doesn’t know what the hell he’s doing, he enlists the aid of his trustworthy (and admittedly hot) PR manager, Talia Tatsuya. Which is all fine and dandy …

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His Curious Mate

  Series Name:  His Mate Authored By:  Charli Mac Writer’s Website: Synopsis Anna is sensible, staid, and single—and sick of it. She wants excitement; she wants to be tied down and spanked! When she meets Callum on an online BDSM forum, she’s drawn to confess her fantasies to him. When he invites her to …

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The Bid for Aurora

  Series Name:  Auction Crashers Authored By:  Jo Lavollee Writer’s Website:  FB Profile Synopsis Two knights in shining armor. One dark, one light. Aurora has been tricked into offering herself up for auction, and it’s clearly not your usual charity event. The mood is artfully dark, the poses very suggestive, the bids awfully hefty . …

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Rescued By a Bad Boy

Series Name:  Bad Boy Bakers Authored By:  Kait Nolan Writer’s Website: Synopsis What’s a little marriage between friends? Mia has been Braxton’s best friend for years. Even when they no longer lived in the same foster family, even after he’d aged out of the system, he’d continued look out for the one person who …

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The Handfasters

  Series Name:  Lowland Romance Authored By:  Helen Susan Swift Writer’s Website:  NextChapter Page Synopsis Scotland, 1811. Coming from the Highlands to Edinburgh in search of a husband, Alison Lamont finds herself in all sorts of trouble. Thrown out of a fashionable ball for a stolen kiss, Alison flees from a riot in the notorious …

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A Place Called Home

  Series Name:  The Mackenzies Authored By:  Sophie Haydon Writer’s Website 1:   Synopsis An art restorer looking for a home. A commitment-phobe running from his emotions. A painting which brings them together but which reveals a mysterious past from which neither can escape… After an itinerant and lonely childhood, art restorer Lucia yearns …

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