Elliott Bay

  Series Name:   The Watchmaker Authored By:  Lee Capp     Synopsis ”  She was young, she was blond, and she was beautiful–and she was dead. Crumpled in a pool of her own blood and gore, her stunning looks were gone. She wasn’t very pretty anymore–but then, murder is never very pretty either. When retired …

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The Reluctant Detective

  Series Name:   C.T. Ferguson Authored By:  Tom Fowler Writer’s Website:  http://www.tomfowlerwrites.com/ Synopsis A hacker turned private investigator tries to prevent his first case from spiraling out of control. It’s C.T.’s first case. He wants an easy one. Instead, he gets Alice. C.T. Ferguson spent years as a hacker. He lived in Hong Kong, working …

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Skin and Blond

Series Name:   Blond Noir Authored By:  V.J. Chambers Writer’s Website: http://vjchambers.com/ Synopsis Blond detective Ivy Stern tackles a missing persons case that turns to murder. There’s no evidence that the victim has been killed, but she’s gone, leaving everything behind from her cell phone to her credit cards. Everything except her bed sheets. And that’s …

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